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A Magnificent Backdrop for Dream Ceremonies

Perched high above the Atlantic Ocean, The Loren at Pink Beach is a place of powerful allure. Upon arrival, you will be immediately enchanted by salt-kissed breezes, classic Bermudian architecture, modern European-inspired design, and sparkling ocean views. But it is the warmth of our welcome, the care we take in attending to your needs, and the long-awaited visions we joyously bring to life that will truly set your celebration apart as an affair to remember.

Each wedding is a fully tailored endeavor, from the catering cuisine and venue décor, to the themed events and recreational activities that create special moments among family and friends. To ensure that your gathering receives every consideration, our expert wedding planning will be at the ready to provide personalized attention from the early stages until the final guests have departed.

Weddings at a glance:

Your day, together. Let your honeymoon begin.

Individually tailored to meet the most intricate needs and wishes, from the selection of cuisine to the venue décor. Create incomparable and intimate moments for the enjoyment of every family member and friend. The warmth of our welcome, our care and attention, your long-awaited vision joyously brought to life.  The day you imagined will be vivid and always live on, the venue and landscape providing an eternal backdrop.

Events at a Glance

From faultless dinners and meetings to cocktail parties that impress, three separate event spaces accommodate anything from 10 to 200 guests. Seasonal menus crafted by our kitchen delight even the most discerning palates. Attentive staff and an exquisite setting create sensational events that are nothing but successful.    

Catering Menu

The Loren at Pink Beach - Bermuda