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A New Look for Bermuda

As the first new hotel to be built in Bermuda in 45 years, The Loren at Pink Beach embraced the opportunity to make a statement about life on the island today. The resort is true to Bermuda’s heritage and yet its cool and contemporary interiors, world-class art collection, and eco-friendly design create a fresh take on the island.


A selection of works by more than 20 leading artists from around the world make The Loren not only a luxury resort but also a unique, international gallery of contemporary art. Every room has a custom photograph of a view from the resort, so guests will experience both the beauty of the island through their own eyes, as well as those of an artist.

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Architecture & Design

With its light-filled interiors, natural materials, and custom pieces, The Loren is a resort that feels like a private home. It’s decidedly modern and sleek, yet never cold. Instead at every turn invitingly elegant interiors open onto sweeping views of Bermuda and the Atlantic.

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The soundtrack at The Loren has been entrusted to Dan Williams, one of London’s leading DJs. Having performed at top clubs in Ibiza, he now curates a soundtrack for another island. Depending on the part of the resort and the time of day, the music fits the setting, whether dream like or upbeat, soulful or spiritual.

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